Gojek IPO and Indonesia’s biggest companies

Technology in Indonesia is growing at an incredible pace. Companies like Gojek and Tokopedia are set to merge and form a SPAC (See GOJEK and Tokopedia SPAC) shortly. Whether the merger lists under a Tokopedia IPO or as Gojek IPO (See when is the Gojek IPO) is yet to be seen but it could result […]

What is an SPAC and how does it impact a Gojek IPO?

Firstly let me say this; before I got into fintech in Indonesia I had no idea what a SPAC was. I’m still a bit confused about the whole thing but according to Investopedia: A special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) is formed to raise money through an initial public offering to buy another company. Have a look over the Investopedia site for a broader definition as its outside of my scope at the time being.

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